Ten Kills the Pack + <br>Katherine Lam
Ten Kills the Pack + <br>Katherine Lam

Ten Kills the Pack +
Katherine Lam

06.2020 Concert Tee

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Looking at the world from the inside out nicely sums up where we were at in June 2020 but also where we weren’t - like at the Ten Kills The Pack show. This muted colour palette with a hint of pastel paints a powerful moment in time.

All shirts are eco-friendly, 100% pre-shrunk 10.1oz cotton and proudly printed in Toronto.

This is a limited run of 25 T-shirts.

Shipping begins week of April 18th.

Ten Kills the Pack


Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Ten Kills The Pack, is a project that was shaped and raised in the city of Toronto. It's poetic focused material is put forth by singer/ songwriter, Sean Sroka; a musician deriving from multiple bands, genres, and touring music projects that have carved through the eastern coast of Canada.

Katherine Lam


Katherine Lam is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. Their work stems from the realization that our emotions taint our reality and focuses on creating spaces that mirror our psychological state. While their work is grounded in reality, they strive to instill a sense of surrealism and limen in their images.

Ten Kills the Pack + <br>Katherine Lam
Ten Kills the Pack + <br>Katherine Lam
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